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Bentonite Resources process the Ebenezer bentonite to serve a diverse range of end uses and industries. The Ebenezer bentonite is recognised as a premium 'Wyoming type' sodium bentonite and is well suited to technical applications such as drilling, foundry and geosynthetic clay liners, as well as general civil engineering.

The Ebenezer processing facility is geared to mill, test and package the end product in anything from small bags, bulk bags and full pneumatic tanker loads. All testing is carried out on site at the point and time of production ensuring extremely high uniformity and traceability. This provides our customers and end users with a high level of confidence and repeatability across the board.

Have a look at some of the applications and industries we currently supply to.

"Bentonite Resources take pride in partnering with our customers and industry colleagues to supply premium, cost effective bentonite solutions."

Simon Restall, Bentonite Resources Pty Ltd

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