Energy plays such a pivotal role in our everyday lives. Whether its the flick of a switch we take for granted or the gas we cook with. Bentonite plays an important role in our energy sector, and Bentonite Resources are proud to be suppliers of a variety of grades of bentonite and blends to suit the application at hand.

The energy sector consumes bentonite for drilling and exploration, in the lining of retention basins and dams, either by soil improvement or the application of geosynthetic clay lines (GCL's). We also supply both calcium and sodium bentonite in gypsum blends in accordance with AS2239-2003 for cathodic protection.

Spring Gully Gas Plant
Bentonite Slurry cut off trench
Lined Gas Pond

"Bentonite Resources take pride in partnering with our customers and industry colleagues to supply premium, cost effective bentonite solutions."

Simon Restall, Bentonite Resources Pty Ltd

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