Cat Litter

Bentonite is a universally accepted product for use as a cat litter. The Ebenezer bentonite is screened and graded to provide the optimum sizing whether for absorbent or clumping litter. A focus on the quality, cleanliness and routine performance checks on the Ebenezer bentonite for cat litter ensures continued customer satisfaction and broad market acceptance through a variety of wholesale and retail outlets. Keep Kitty happy and clean with our user friendly cat litter. Contact us for further information on these products.

Kitty Litter


We encourage you to compare your existing clumping litter with Bentonite Resources Premium Clumping Litter. You will be amazed at the performance difference and just how cost effective it is. Please contact us directly if you need a premium and economical clumping litter.

Premium clumping cat litter

"Bentonite Resources take pride in partnering with our customers and industry colleagues to supply premium, cost effective bentonite solutions."

Simon Restall, Bentonite Resources Pty Ltd

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