Bentonite plays an important role in the agricultural landscape. Whether as a soil improver, stock feed, or for the sealing of dams, the unique characteristics of naturally occurring sodium bentonite clay ensure it is always in demand on the land.

Bentonite Resources Ebenezer bentonite is a naturally occurring sodium bentonite. The inherent characteristics of water retention and absorbency make it an ideal addition to improve the fertility of soils.The prevalence of sandy soils in many of Australia's regions, that suffer from low water and nutrient holding characteristics, can be significantly enhanced by the addition and blending of Ebenezer bentonite. Whether for the home gardener or agricultural farming, look to improve your soil and its performance with the addition of Ebenezer bentonite.




Bentonite Resources supply their natural high swelling sodium bentonite clay for utilization in the stock feed industry. Available as a granular or a fine powder, we can supply product to suit the end users needs and preferences. Bentonite can play an important role in the following areas of stock feed;

  • Control and reduce the incidence of acidosis in feed lots
  • Inactivation of some dietary toxins
  • Reduce the risk of urea poisoning


 Water management is a key aspect of any agricultural practice. Ensure your dams are well sealed by utilizing Ebenezer bentonite directly blended in the dam sealing layer, or as a repair agent for existing, but leaking dams. Also don't over look the practicality of installing a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) for your next dam project. The cost effective, industrial manufactured GCL's provide excellent uniformity and consistency over large areas such as water storage dams, whilst ensuring low permeability and long term performance..


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"Bentonite Resources take pride in partnering with our customers and industry colleagues to supply premium, cost effective bentonite solutions."

Simon Restall, Bentonite Resources Pty Ltd

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